Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Blackberry Met with an Accident

Someone told me that I should blog about what I do to my mobile phones. Really, I only break one every year or so. I guess it is in the way that I go about breaking them - or what I try to do to keep them together, that keeps it interesting.

The latest is when I bent over a tub full of soapy water I was running for the bath for the twins, when out of my shirt pocket jumped my blackberry. Now, to understand my efforts fully, you need to know that the company I work for no longer wants to support RIM devices for competitive reasons, so if this phone goes kaput, so does any hope of using my beloved Blackberry for work. Not that I do not want to upgrade to an iPhone or anything (I hear the new 3Gs is pretty slick) but I am pretty adverse to change. Just look at my car....

Anyway - what really got Dimitri laughing was what I did next - immediately I pulled the phone out of he tub, removed the battery, disassembled the phone to dry it out, and proceeded to melt the SIM card with a hair dryer. Everything else seems to have come back together and back to life, except for the slightly darkened, warped, sad looking SIM. AT&T promised me they could ship a replacement SIM, and if that works, I may be back in business. If not, It's time to get creative and combine a few damaged devices from eBay together with my phone to make a "Franken-berry" and get back on track.

The things I do for love..... (and yes, my wife is fully aware she has to share my heart with this annoying little device...).

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  1. UPDATE: Got the new SIM, installed it and had it activated with AT&T, and it is working now. The lesson of the day: when using a hair dryer or other high temperature device to dry out a blackberry - remove the SIM first. Oh - and don;t get too close, you just might also melt part of the battery cover....